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After being asked by numerous people if I would offer art lessons for Tweens, Teens and Adults, I have decided to take up the challenge. I currently offer extra mural art lessons for children from Grade 6 up to Matric. Adult Classes commence in September 2017. 

***New and Additional Art Class Groups are starting mid September 2017***

WEEKLY classes are as follows:

Tuesday Tweens and Teens Group 1. 4pm to 5.30pm (existing - almost full)

Tuesday Adult Group 3. 10am to 12.30pm (new)

Wednesday Tweens and Teens Group 2. 4pm to 5.30pm (new)

Thursday Adult Group 4. 6pm to 8.30pm (new)



Adult Classes are R200 per lesson, payable in advance at the beginning of each month.

Ad Hoc classes may be arranged dependant on availability in class times at a cost of R300 per lesson, payable on the day.

Private Lessons may be arranged with me at a convenient time at a cost of R200 per hour.

Tea and coffee are included.


Adult Classes will follow an informal structure, allowing the Adult Student freedom to choose what medium and subject matter they wish to work in. Motivate yourself to get creative by bringing your art piece to work on in a relaxed and stimulating environment, where I will be on hand to teach art techniques and concepts, assist, advise and encourage you all in your respective pieces.


I specialize in teaching drawing and painting skills and techniques in most mediums and at all levels of skill. I do not have equipment to be able to offer lessons in Ceramics or printing.


Adult Students will need to purchase their own Art materials and bring them along to classes. It is recommended that you purchase the best quality materials that you can afford. I am happy to guide you and advise in this process so that you can buy the minimum and build up your kit slowly. Ask me to provide you with a shopping list.


Besides your materials, you need to bring with you an enthusiasm to explore your creativity, and remember that making mistakes is a part of the process of how we learn.

Art is not all innate talent - it can be learned, so I will be there to guide you in this process no matter what level of expertise you may have.


I follow the 3-term calendar because I have young children at school, so the months of April, August and December there are no classes at this stage. 


The venue for lessons will be my home at 22 Hunt Road, Bryanston. The environment is safe and secure.

If you wish to sign up, please contact me to check availability.



I offer extra mural art lessons for Tweens and Teens from Grade 6 and up.  I follow the 3 term calendar offering  classes during term time.  All skill levels are welcome so long as the child is enthusiastic about getting creative! My focus is on stimulating the older child artistically in a relaxed and happy environment. 

I teach drawing and painting skills and techniques using different media and on a variety of materials with the odd bit of craft work thrown in for fun. Work will be done on a project basis with each project running over a couple of weeks depending on its complexity. It is essential for children NOT to miss classes as catching up with the rest of the class on a project will be tricky.

Lessons offered are on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons broken up into 2 groups of up to 8 pupils in each group.

Group 1 – Tuesday 4.00pm to 5.30pm

Group 2 – Wednesday 4.00pm to 5.30pm

Lessons are at a cost of R200 per child per lesson, payable at the beginning of each term.

I provide all artistic materials for the lessons as included in this cost.

The venue for lessons will be my home at 22 Hunt Road, Bryanston. The environment is safe and secure.


lf you wish to find out more about me and my work as a professional Artist, please peruse my website ...

I also run a professional FB page called Louise Twiggs Art which illustrates the progress I make on my current personal projects as an Artist.

If you wish to sign up please contact me to check availability. Click on the "CONTACT ME" link on my home page to send an email.


Baobab Project

This is Fanie's Baobab. This specimen is apparently over 1000 years old with a girth of around 30m. Growing on a citrus farm in the Hoedspruit area, where fortunately the Farmer had the forsight to preserve it as an icon.

In tackling this piece, I had my work cut out for me in the detail of the smaller branches and twiggs. This project is a combo of watercolor and pencil to enhance the shadow and texture of the leafless tree.

It starts off with quite and ethereal look of the watercolour base. The pencil detail is painstaking, but the detail of the twiggs and organic folds of the trunk and branches is important in identifying the tree species as a Boabab (Adansonia digitata). You can see the progress of the piece in the following pictures.




Xibala Project

This project, is one that I pondered over for a very long time before putting pencil to paper - years in fact! It is a graphite pencil drawing of a really special Elephant Bull - his name was Xibala (pronounced Shibala). He lived in the Greater Kruger/Thornybush Game reserves and he was definitely an Elly with Attitude. Sometimes he could be a great Gentle Giant (he was a very large boy) and other times, was just a very grumpy old man. My family and I were privileged to have had a couple of wonderful encounters with him over the last couple of years of his life in Thornybush, and he holds a very special place in my heart. Sadly, on one of his bad days, Xibala broke out of the reserve once too many times and was shot. I hope that I do his memory justice with my pencil.
I thank Photographer, Ian Thomas, for giving me access to the reference images.

My portrait of Xibala progressed slowly. I found the pencil work very therapeutic, although I must confess to getting sore fingers from all the shading. I felt satisfied that this medium would do his image justice in terms of it not being a kitsch portrayal of a Bull Elephant and also show the character of his face and age.


I finalised my drawing of Xibala, by putting him into more of a bush context, adding a couple of very sketchy trees and bushes. This may seem like a contrast to the detail on the Elly himself, but I did not want the background to 'steal his show' - this is after all, not a landscape drawing, but a tribute to a truly awesome Elephant Bull! 
I felt surprisingly emotional after having completed this project - as I mentioned before, it took me years to decide on how to tackle this piece... and now its done.

I can still see him trundling silently down the dusty road and remember feeling awed and inspired by his massive presence. May his memory live on through my drawing. Xibala my Old Friend, I hope I have done your memory justice.


Launch of my new and improved website in November 2014


Exhibition Natura Magnifica

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Visit this quaint Gallery in Arty Parkhurst to see some lovely work. I was fortunate to be invited to take part in this Exhibition

Grey Crowned Cranes – The Last Pair?

In this painting of a pair of Grey Crowned Cranes in flight, I intend to bring attention to the plight of these birds. More specifically, they have been persecuted in the Transkei for eating maize seed in the crop fields of local inhabitants and hunted as easy prey for their meat.

A few years ago, in the area around the Inxaxo and Ngqusi Rivers (Wavecrest Hotel) they were abundant; a flock of more than one hundred birds flew in to roost on the beach in the evening and at sunrise they would take to the skies once again with slow graceful beats of their wings calling “Mahem, Mahem!”

Now, there are but a handful left. The flock has been decimated.

Is this The Last Pair?

The bird in Graphite Pencil is fading into the distance – is it fading into oblivion?

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The Kirstenbosch Biennale 2013 took place in a chilly Cape Town. The Grand Opening of this prestigious exhibition was on the 29th August 2013. Louise was selected to exhibit 4 new paintings that are now available for sale. See botanical section of website. The exhibition this year formed part of the Kirstenbosch Gardens Centenary Celebrations.

Watercolourist South Africa ImageArtist South Africa Image

The second Johannesburg Botanical Art Exhibition 2012 took place on the 10th to 14th October 2012 at the Morningside Shopping Center. The exhibition was once again, a great success.Top South African Botanical Artists exhibited their work with over 100 paintings on show. The Grand Opening was very well attended and numerous paintings were purchased by collectors and discerning buyers on the opening night.

Louise Twiggs Artist ImageArtist South Africa Image

Greetings Cards now available for sale:

I have had attractive greetings cards made using some images of my work. They are blank inside for personalized messages appropriate to any occassion. They are packaged individually in cellophane sleeves with an envelope. Orders can be placed via this website contact me link. Cards are R15.00 each.

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Collaboration with Photographer, Grant Atkinson

Louise is fortunate to have developed a collaboration with Grant Atkinson, a Guide and Wildlife Photographer. Grant produces images that capture the spirit, energy and detail of his subjects, so when painting birds or animals it is wonderful to have these images to work from as a reference.

Grant hails from the Eastern Cape in South Africa.  He is both a keen naturalist and photographer.  After spending twelve years guiding in the wildest regions of northern Botswana he relocated to Cape Town in South Africa with his wife Helena. Today he guides safaris all over Africa. His images and articles are published in Africa Geographic, Africa Birds and Birding, Pix Magazine and National Geographic Kids magazine, amongst others. To learn more about his work go to

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Kirstenbosch Biennale Art Exhibition 2010 – An Exhibition of Botanical Art Showing our Rare, Endangered, or Narrow Endemic Southern African Plant species.

Louise was one of 55 Artists to exhibit, and was honoured with a bronze medal for her work.


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